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Public Workshop: Testing Mobile Applications, in Vancouver, May 25

As part of the Agile Vancouver Quality in Agile conference, I’m offering a 1 day public workshop on Testing Mobile Applications in Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 25, 2012.

I will also be speaking about testing and value during the conference on May 26.

Register here: Quality in Agile Conference Registration

Testing Mobile Applications Workshop Description

1 day tutorial by Jonathan Kohl.

Applications for smartphones and tablets are incredibly popular. Teams are facing pressure to deliver testing quickly and successfully on mobile devices. When faced with a mobile testing project, many testers find it tempting to apply the same methods and techniques used for desktop applications. Although some of these concepts transfer directly, testing mobile applications presents its own special challenges. If you follow the same practices and techniques as you have before, you will miss critical bugs. Learn how to effectively test mobile applications, and how to add more structure and organization to generate effective test ideas to exploit the capabilities and weaknesses of mobile devices. Hear first-hand experiences with testing mobile applications and discuss how to address various challenges.

Note: Participants must bring their own mobile device for course exercises. This is a hands-on course.


I’m Speaking in Toronto this Summer

I’ll be traveling to Toronto twice this summer for testing presentations. The first is for TASSQ, on June 24. I’ll be presenting my “Man and Machine” talk where I talk about interactive automated testing. This is a different approach to automation that seems like common sense to some, and is deeply controversial to others. (Usually tool vendors and “automate all test” types.)

July 15, I’ll be co-presenting with Michael Bolton at CAST 2008. We’ll be talking about parallels in testing and music, a topic I’ve written about before.

Michael has a nice blog post describing CAST that is worth a read.

I hope to see you in Toronto this summer, and finally meet some of you face-to-face. If you’re from the area, I hope you’ll come.


My blog has been quiet lately, and several of you have asked me what I’ve been up to. Since I last posted I’ve:

  • Created an all new Exploratory Testing course from scratch, and presented it for a corporate client, with more on the way.
  • Created a condensed version of the course for STARWEST that I’ll be presenting as a tutorial.
  • Written an article on Interactive Automated Testing for Better Software magazine (watch for it in the December issue.)
  • Presented a short Exploratory Testing Explained talk for two Agile user groups. One in Edmonton, and another for a conference in Vancouver.
  • Taken on a technical editing role with Better Software magazine. (Have great article ideas on testing, software development or management? Let me know – we’re always looking for great content.)
  • Had rewarding client work helping teams develop ET skills and lightweight test automation solutions.

I’ll be presenting at STARWEST in Anaheim later this month, and in Sweden at Oredev in November. If you see me at either conference, stop and say hi.