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Software product management consultant, speaker and author, Jonathan Kohl, shares his ideas on mobile technology, software development and design.

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Are you stuck? Do you need outside advice? My technical assessments are an effective, quick tool for teams to help identify and solve problems. Whether your project is mobile, web or desktop software, whatever the development methodology you use, let me help.  more…

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Want to hear it straight from the source? Invite me to speak to your organization or team. From short talks at conferences to multi-day training for your organization, I have training solutions and motivational talks that meet your needs. more…


Are you interested in my ideas and experiences? I’m an adept and experienced writer, with over 36 articles published, 3 book contributions, and author of my own self-published book with another on the way. I’m available to write on a variety of topics, including mobile technology and software development. more…

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Jonathan Kohl’s opening keynote at the SQE STARWEST 2012 conference.

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