Jonathan Kohl is an internationally recognized consultant and technical leader. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada he is the founder and principal software consultant of Kohl Concepts, Inc. Jonathan helps companies convert their ideas into products, coaches practitioners as they develop software on teams, and works with leaders helping them implement their strategic vision. He is also a popular writer and speaker.

Jonathan is a prolific writer, and has written over fifty articles for various publications, and has presented at many conferences as a tutorial and workshop trainer, track talk and keynote speaker. He is the author of the books “Tap Into Mobile Application Design” and “Tap Into Mobile Application Testing.” He is a contributing chapter author for the books: “The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps“, “Experiences of Test Automation“, and “The Gift of Time“. Jonathan doesn’t just write and talk about developing software, he actively helps teams deliver the best products they can.

Jonathan helps teams identify and solve important problems, encouraging organization-wide collaboration. Bridging technical and business interests within an organization, Jonathan is as at home in the software development lab working on technical projects, as in the board room, assisting with strategic product decisions. Jonathan is experienced with various technologies in a hands-on role on projects. He is experienced with web, mobile, internet of things, and other technologies.

Jonathan is an influential technical leader, and those who work with him have described him as a brilliant strategist, a determined problem solver and leader of getting things done, a highly skilled and effective technician, and an incredibly inspiring person.

About Kohl Concepts Inc.

Kohl Concepts Inc. is a Canadian company that provides software-related services. Services include advisory consulting, public speaking and training, as well as hands-on project work in product management, business analysis, user experience and design. Experienced with traditional PC, web and server technologies as well as cloud, mobile, smartwatches, wearables and the Internet of Things. Clients have ranged from small startups to large industry leaders.

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