Creating a Great Mobile Experience

Creating a Great Mobile Experience (1- Day Course)

Smartphones and tablets are wildly popular, and are the first wave of sensor-based computing that we will need to support and engage our end-users with. Watches and other wearable devices are variations of mobile technology that are the next wave, and we will see others soon. Software development teams are facing pressure to create mobile experiences quickly and successfully on mobile devices. When faced with a mobile project, many teams find it tempting to apply the same methods and techniques used for PC or web applications. Although some of these concepts transfer directly, mobile applications present their own special challenges. Develop the way you always have and you will likely fail. Mobile technology is different, and requires a different approach.

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This course is specifically designed to help teams:

  • Make the paradigm shift from web and PC apps to mobile experiences
  • Understand how mobile technology works, and how to utilize it well
  • Use strategies to support mobile device platforms
  • Structure mobile design approaches to create experiences that matter to mobile users

This course is hands-on.

Note: participants are required to bring their own smartphone or tablet

Course Audiences

Any team members in strategic roles (management, design, ux, business analysis, development, etc.) who are new to mobile development, or have attempted mobile projects and are failing.


There are no formal pre-reqs, but it is helpful to have basic knowledge of mobile devices.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn:

  • How and why the mobile landscape is different
  • Important technology considerations and features of mobile technology apps
  • Differences and issues with native, web and hybrid apps
  • How to approach device support on different platforms
  • Thinking tools analyze whether they are creating a good experience or not

Course Content

The Paradigm Shift to Mobile

  • The mobile market and ecosystem
  • The impact of stores, public rating systems, social media
  • User expectations and behavior in mobile

Design Considerations

  • What people hate about poor mobile apps, and what they love about great experiences
  • Creating mobile experiences (not just a set of features)
  • Engagement model examples (so people keep using your mobile app or web site)

Explore Mobile Technology

  • Device and wireless tech overview
  • Considering native, web and hybrid apps

Device Support Strategies

  • Understanding mobile platforms
  • Approaches for analyzing and choosing what to support

Useful Design Tools

  • Feature and technology analysis
  • Evaluate your experience with quality criteria


This is a 1 day, hands-on, interactive workshop. Participants will need to bring a smartphone or tablet to use for the exercises.


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