Product Management Consulting


  • Help teams identify and solve business and technical problems
  • Market Research
  • Product Strategy and Monetization
  • Technology research and alignment
  • Investor pitches and grant applications
  • Roadmapping and Planning
  • Software development: User Experience and Design
  • Software development: Gamification
  • Software development: Project Management
  • Lifecycle Management: analytics and metrics
  • Lifecycle Management: determining new revenue sources
  • Support for sales and marketing

Most gamification ideas for increasing productivity tend to revolve around just leaderboarding the amount of work done. Kohl’s ideas work more around creating teams, collaboration and a sense of shared purpose.
Andrzej Marczewski, Gamification expert, UK


  • Advise on emerging technologies and trends.
  • Coach product management, UX and gamification practitioners
  • Assist with roadmapping, pricing and other strategic product efforts
  • Review and help refine investor and marketing pitches.
  • Help align technology considerations with business goals.
  • Review and advise on business planning and business model efforts.

Technical Assessments

Jonathan is experienced with management consulting techniques and is an expert interviewer and assessor. He has done assessments for technical teams, product lines, and for functional departments, particularly with regards to quality. Jonathan is able to quickly identify important problems and provide simple, clear and insightful guidance. Company leaders are able to quickly realize value by implementing assessment recommendations.

  • Project assessments.
  • Technical assessments.
  • Product and business plan assessments.

Mobile Application Development

Jonathan is experienced in mobile projects including mobile application development, embedded devices and wireless. He is an ideal subject matter expert for your team to consult to ensure your mobile solution will stand up to customer needs and usage in many different environments

Mobile Application Development

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Helping make technology choices
  • Mobile design
  • Mobile user experience
  • Business analysis and requirements
  • Store submission requirements
  • Product Management

Mobile Application Project Management

  • Team creation
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Estimation using uncertainty factors
  • Motivation, focusing
  • Tracking and Reporting

Mobile Application Testing

  • Test Planning and Strategy
  • Test Execution
  • Test Management
  • Exploratory Testing

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Jonathan is an experienced trainer, currently and offers the following courses:

  • Creating a Great Mobile Experience

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Speaking Engagements

Jonathan is a popular and talented speaker. He can speak at your software development conference or user group for public engagements. He can also speak and train at private engagements for your company or department.

Watch Jonathan present: Tap Into Mobile Application Testing keynote, STAR West, 2012.

Past topics include:

  • Product Management
  • Design for smartwatches and wearables
  • Mobile Applications
  • Project Management

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Freelance Writing

Jonathan is an adept and experienced writer. He is available to write for online and print magazines on a variety of topics. For samples of his writing, read his blog and/or take a look at his current publications.

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