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Android Cloud to Device Messaging Framework

The Android Cloud to Device Messaging Framework is a fascinating tool. I see a lot of possibility for tools like this to push mobile devices and applications into more useful spaces. We’re just scratching the surface on some of the potential, but I like ideas that help connect our mobile devices with other things we use and depend on.

Here is an example of pushing information from your web browser to your mobile device: Push map information from Chrome browser to Android phone. It can be a pain to navigate and type on a smartphone, particularly when you are traveling and stressed out about where to find your destination. A colleague showed me how he used this for a recent trip – he plotted out his paths with Google maps prior to leaving his home, so his directions were pre-loaded on his device when he got off the plane. The hard part was done on his laptop, where navigation and typing are easier, and his phone had everything he needed for his trip.

This is just one example. As mobile devices integrate more seamlessly with our environments, they become easier to use and more valuable. Instead of clunky syncing, lots of typing and gesturing, the phones can just operate almost like they are self-aware. This is a space to watch.

New Tutorial:Testing Mobile Applications

I’ve been working in various roles on mobile application products, and I’ve channeled that experience into a new tutorial that is available this year. I found that there was little guidance on how to test mobile applications, particularly for manual testing, or tool-supported testing. I decided to start sharing my own ideas publicly, and demand has grown.The course description is available here: Testing Mobile Applications Course.

If your team is transitioning to develop mobile applications, I can help. Email me for more details if you are interested.

Update: I am offering this course through SQE Training in North America, and SoftEd in Australia and New Zealand.

Test Mobile Apps with I SLICED UP FUN!

I unveiled a new testing mnemonic I use for testing mobile apps at Star West last week. I adapted it from James Bach’s SFDPOT, but with a special focus on some unique challenges mobile apps can provide. Several people who saw the talk asked me to publish it so they could use it with their teams, and here it is: Test Mobile Apps with I SLICED UP FUN!.

I’ve used this on mission critical medical apps all the way down to simple entertainment apps to help generate test ideas, and I hope you also find it useful.

Update, Sep. 29/2012:
This framework is elaborated on in much more detail in my book: Tap Into Mobile Application Testing, available on Leanpub.

This mnemonic has appeared in many publications, such as the book “The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps: A Practical Guide to Affordable Mobile App Development for Your Business“, magazine articles, conference talks, and most importantly, has helped thousands of people around the world find important bugs in the mobile apps they test.