Test Mobile Apps with I SLICED UP FUN!

I unveiled a new testing mnemonic I use for testing mobile apps at Star West last week. I adapted it from James Bach’s SFDPOT, but with a special focus on some unique challenges mobile apps can provide. Several people who saw the talk asked me to publish it so they could use it with their teams, and here it is: Test Mobile Apps with I SLICED UP FUN!.

I’ve used this on mission critical medical apps all the way down to simple entertainment apps to help generate test ideas, and I hope you also find it useful.

Update, Sep. 29/2012:
This framework is elaborated on in more detail in my book: Tap Into Mobile Application Testing

Update, Dec. 10/2010: Mobile Dev Mag republished the piece this week: Testing Mobile Applications with “I SLICED UP FUN”. Check it and other articles out there.