New Article – Things Change (And So Should Processes)

I wrote an article for Better Software magazine for the July/August 2013 issue about innovation in processes. The PDF of the article is available here: Things Change (And So Should Processes) and you can download the entire magazine here: Better Software July/Aug 2013.

Many teams struggle when a process lets them down because their unique situation and mix of people, technology and target market don’t fit a generic process. It’s also surprising to find out how old many of the popular processes we are trying to follow are. The technology we are creating has changed a great deal since the 1990s, so why are we surprised when processes created in the ’90s let some teams down?

Instead of feeling guilty that they aren’t following the crowd and doing what the experts tell them to do, I encourage teams to take pride in their innovation not just in technology, but in how they create powerful processes for themselves.

One thought on “New Article – Things Change (And So Should Processes)”

  1. Absolutely, things should change. I have been in organzations where change is relatively easy and in others where change is near impossible. People get really frustrated, especially in large organizations where change requires acts of congress to get made. You have to get EVERYONES consensus in order for the change to happen. This discourages the change agents from working in such a stagnant work environment and they will often leave to work in more innovative working environments.

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