Content Pointer: The Next Wave: Valuable Products First, Process Second

I wrote an article for Modern Analyst that describes some of my process thinking over the past several years. They asked for a piece on post-Agilism, but I prefer talking about value now, so I wrote this piece for them instead.

I introduce my thoughts on a trend I have witnessed for a while now where people move from software ideas (let’s build this killer app!), to process (let’s go Agile!), to value (let’s ensure our application blows our customers away, and everything we do feeds that effort.)

Three years ago, I didn’t hear people talk about value that much at all. It was all process, process, process, and how following an Agile or other process would lead us to success. Now, I am seeing the “value” word pop up more and more, and more teams are using an overall vision to help focus their efforts (process and otherwise) towards creating value for their customers and themselves.