Gerard Meszaros on Computer Assisted Testing

At last night’s Extreme Tuesday Club meeting, Gerard Meszaros had a great way of describing what I do using automated scripts with Ruby combined with exploratory testing. (See my blog post about this here: Test Automation as a Testing Tool.)

As I was describing using a Ruby script to automate some parts of the application I’m testing, and then taking over manually with exploratory testing, Gerard said:

Sounds like you are using your Ruby program to set up the test fixture that you will then use as a starting point for exploratory testing.

I hadn’t thought of what I was doing in this way before, and I like the idea. It is a great way to succinctly explain how to complement the strengths of a testing tool and a brain-engaged tester.

Check out Gerard’s Patterns of xUnit Test Automation site for more of his thoughts on testing.