Adriaan Brae Comments on TDD Postings

TDD developer Adriaan Brae writes:

I think the separation of tests into ‘generative’  and ‘elaborative’ is a very good concept. I can definitely feel the difference myself.

I like the generative tests much better – they are part of the creative process. I find elaborative
tests much harder to write. This is probably because I lack some of the QA skills you were talking  about in your Article about test pairing with developers. It sounds like that would be an excellent learning experience. I think it would be great to spend, say, 1-2 hours a week pair testing.

I am thinking it would be good to keep the pair testing times short. This would allow for cross-training, but also require that each individual go back and implement that training alone.  Longer times pairing might end up with each side dependent on the other for ideas.

(posted with permission)